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Do you want to try the Via Ferrata? We will come with you!

The Via Ferrata is a route that takes place in the mountains, mainly on steep walls or even vertically, where to climb along a path with ironed steps, always hooked to a safety cable (hence the name of Via Ferrata).

Near Turin there are beautiful Via Ferrata, of all levels of difficulty and with different landscapes, some usable all year round, others only in spring / summer, but obviously it is not recommended to practice this sport outside of summer.

If you have the curiosity to try this sport, near our BnB 83 there is a shop that rents the necessary technical equipment and in about 50 minutes by car you reach the Chianocco’s Ferrata (Orrido di Chianocco). A short but very interesting Via Ferrata for those who have never practiced this sport.

So if you want to try this “adventure”, we will gladly come with you!