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For lovers of Trekking in Piedmont

Today I want to share to all lovers of Trekking and to all BNB 83’s friends the wonderful experience we had yesterday in Val Pellice a few kilometers from Turin and no more than an hour by car.

We left early from Turin to reach Bobbio Pellice and once there we have continued on the road almost up to the end. From there we left the car and begun our walk for about an hour and a half or two, it depends on your step, to get to Willy Jervis Lodge.

You have two options: the oldest mule track or the path that run beside the river, in both cases is a great and nice walk.

The beauty arrives at the end of the last climb when you find yourself a few hundred meters from the refuge located at the beginning of a wonderful valley.

Yesterday there was also snow and ice so, apart from the cold, the walk was more tiring, but at the same time perhaps even more beautiful for the commitment we had to put.

We had also a wonderful lunch at the shelter with polenta, sausage and stew. You will end up at the table with so many other people you do not know and you will inevitably end up making friends with all your table, then let’s say that the good wine and the final “amaro” will certainly obliterate your shyness.

What to say? If you come to Turin and you want to spend one day in a totally different way, maybe away from the city, you now know a good destination to spend out f the city and  in the middle of nature.