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Lunch and Dinner at BnB 83

As anticipated, in the end I decided to do it and I set up both the courtyard and the kitchen to start offering all my guests both aperitifs and mainly Piedmontese and Roman lunches and dinners.

I propose simple menus, but typical of both Piedmont and Rome, with dishes that can certainly be appreciated by both adults and children.

Everything is cooked expressly by me, or latey the day before regarding the desserts, which need to rest and cool in the refrigerator, or the marinade of the Piedmontese braised beef that takes about 12 hours to marinate.

Here you can find photos of how the garden was set up for lunch; in the evening the atmosphere is even more romantic and “enchanted”.
Let’s say that the courtyard is transformed into a small exclusive corner of the Crocetta area in Turin.

If you want to spend a nice evening or a good lunch with me do not hesitate to contact me to book your dinner or lunch at the BnB 83.

You will not regret it!