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Not Just a Coffee in Turin, but an Experience!

Every time we enter into the “Baratti & Milano” just for a simple coffee we remain enraptured by the beauty and the local details: a bar of dark wood and brass, mirrors and glass, antique floors, chandeliers with pendants, it seems to enter into another era and perhaps this is the strength of a place that in many years has never changed.

The waiters are discreet and serve with great care both over the counter and at the tables, discreet even the presence of the customer that in a place like this speak softly giving even more the feeling of being in another era.

Il Baratti & Milano non è solo un bellissimo bar, ma sono famosi soprattutto per i la loro cioccolata (cioccolatini, gianduiotti, crema di nocciole e tanto altro) e per la loro pasticceria, ottima e fresca tutti i giorni.

The Baratti & Milano is not only a beautiful bar, but they are especially famous for their chocolates (chocolates, pralines, hazelnut cream and much more) and for their pastries, excellent and fresh every day.

Finally we note that they offer also restaurant service , so if you want to spend some time thinking about the glories of the mid-nineteenth century and the twentieth century, this is definitely the place for you.

You can find “Baratti & Milano” in Piazza Castello in the arcades, you cannot miss it!