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Where to eat near the Guesthouse BnB 83 in Turin?

There are several different kind of restaurants near the BnB 83 in Turin, but we often advice places that are a bit farther away, more in the central area, the destination of almost all our guests.

The places we suggest have been directly tested by us, more than once, and therefore we are 100% sure that our beloved guests will enjoy their time and will eat very well.

For those who love the family kitchen and an environment of other times, we recommend our friends at Coco’s in Via Bernardino Galliari 28, which is across the railway from BnB 83 and you can walk  there in about 10/15 minutes.
Grandma’s dishes, very easy service but we assure you a dip in the past.
It is open Monday to Saturday every day for lunch and Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner. We always recommend calling first to book.

In the center, near the Duomo and precisely in Via della Basilica, you will find the Caffè della Basilica, wooden tables, warm atmosphere, great food and great wine. Accurate and fast service.
Do not be fooled by the word “coffee”, it’s not a bar, but a restaurant where you can even stop just to taste a glass of wine or a good beer. They often also organize musical evenings.

Also in the central area, in the parallel street of Via Garibaldi, in Via Barbaroux n. 13, you find the same name Cantine Barbaroux. A place that I have always found very special in furnishings, food, service, a bit of everything, but that has always left me very positive feelings.
Wonderful cheeses offered in the cheeses tasting dish, but let me say that all the food and all the wines they propose is great. Medium price range, but as always depends on how much you eat and how much you drink.

In the same area, in Via San Dalmazzo 8/a, you can find Soup & Go that I have already presented in the past in a previous post you find at this link -go /
I confirm to be a very simple place, but not in the sense that you eat fast and with mediocre food, simplicity is right in the setting of the room and the service.
It’s a kind of self service, with cold and hot foods cooked in capable way every day.
I admit I am not a lover of that kind of food (rice, beans, corn, salads and whoever has more) but I really love this place.

Another place I think is “special” but where it is very difficult to find a place as it is very tiny and they do not reserve the tables, it’s the Caffè Emilio Ranzini in Via di Porta Palatina 9/a.
It’s special because like Coco’s, it looks like a place still in the 70’s, I think it’s now carried by the owner’s son and believe me if I tell you that you can find the real anchovies in the green, the tomini  cheese with sauces, and other little delicacies. Do not expect hot food, but what they bring is definitely very good.
They close early, at about 22pm, so we recommend going there close to 18:30 to 19:00 if you want a little hope of finding a place and eating something.
During the summer time they have the outer space and expand slightly.

For fish lovers, we propose another very beautiful place in Turin, the Mare Nostrum Restaurant, located in a hidden alley behind Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and precisely in Via M. Pescatore n. 16.
First, do not miss the mixed fried fish, I think it’s one of the best if not the best I have ever eaten. Before which you can let yourself try either raw fish or from the mix of appetizers that they propose.

Another place where we are used to go and where you can eat great fish is “La Medusa”, in Piazza Alberto Pasini n. 3, reachable by car from our property or by the public service Tram 15 which stops right in front of the restaurant. The restaurant is also great for first courses and pizzas.
Another positive note of this venue is that they are equipped for the celiac food and  they offer almost all the same meals they propose to “normal” diners.
Our suggestion there ? “Gran fritto di Paranza” (mixed fried fishes) or wholemeal pizza.

Another “magical” place is the “Catullo” Restaurant on the banks of the River Po. You can eat pizza, fish, meat, everything you want and you can spend from 15/20 euros per person to 80/100, it obviously depends on what you eat and, again, on what you drink.
I find this place magical as if you book a table at the terrace near the window  you will really spend a lovely evening and will be fascinated by the Po that flows under the bridges of Turin that are reflected in the water.

The next one I should present to you may make the horror of many, but do not be fooled by the word. I propose you the Mac Bun, a Piedmont fast food.
Many of you have already twisted their nose, but believe me if I tell you that it has nothing to do with the most famous brands of fast food.
Here they prepare only local food, wonderful the meat they use for both the burgers and the steak they propose. You will also find the fried potatoes of those cut into slices and the melted robiola cheese, so many tiny delights that differentiate this place from all the fast food.
You can find it near Porta Nuova Station in Via Urbano Rattazzi n. 4. Suitable for travelers with children as they have also a child playing area.

Finally a place close to us! For such lovers we have a great Japanese All You Can Eat Restaurant, called PAN, at about 200 meters from us, tested and “re-tested” so many times that we become friends. They are very good at preparing Sushi and I can ensure that the fish is really good, first because I know where they take it, second because I see the passion they put into their work.

Obviously there are so many other places close to us and in the center, close to us we have pizzerias, pubs, classic restaurants, but I wanted to point out those I know directly and where I have always been treated with courtesy and where I always ate well.

So enjoy your meal and your staying at BnB 83!