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Booking Terms and Conditions

The request for availability isn't binding and doesn't act as a contract neither for the client nor for Gabriele 83 Turin.
The booking request represents an order form and therefore binding for the client but not binding for Gabriele 83 Turin, on whose part remains free not to accept the booking.
The booking confirmation of Gabriele 83 Turin sent to the client is binding for both parties and establishes the drawing up of the booking contract with options.
If a deposit is requested, the client must send these within the indicated time period to the direction of Gabriele 83 Turin in order that the options are cleared and the booking is definitely confirmed.
At which point Hotel Magnolia promises to send the client a confirmation e-mail.
The total booking must be confirmed by fax or by e-mail accepting the cancellation conditions of the establishment concerned.

The booking request becomes binding for the Gabriele 83 Turin only later the dispatch of a receipt that attests the payment of the deposit.
The amount of the advance is equal to the 50% of the amount of the stay (what they enter in the settlement to pay to the check-in).
As far as your reservation will be confirmed, you will receive a voucher (confirm per E-mail) that you have to present at the check-in upon your arrival by us.
Arrival (check-in): from 10 am to 18 pm.

Settlement of payment at your arriving by:
- Cash
- By POS
- By credit card Visa, Mastercard

To be checked from time to time according to the chosen tariff and the offering of the moment.


Advance payments can be made by moneytransfer, in EURO, to the bank account that will be communicated once we receive the booking form.

Please send payment notification by e-mail to (the booking only becomes binding on BnB 83 Turin once the payment has been received on Guesthouse’s Account).

You can communicate the data of your credit card when booking and so allow the structure to collect the agreed sum from your card.

For whatever controversy which might arise relating to interpretation, execution and/or to the finalisation of the booking contract to which the present conditions are applied, in which a part Gabriele 83 Turin, is legally responsible, will be exclusively the competence of the local law courts of Turin.