Gabriele 83 Guesthouse a Torino +39 011 5798760 - +39 3914512012 (9:00 - 19:00)

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Where We Are

Gabriele 83 is located in Via Gioberti 83 in Turin.

We are just 10 minutes walk from Porta Nuova Rail Station, about 15 minutes from Piazza San Carlo and 20 minutes from the Egyptian Museum or Piazza Castello.
Metro stops (Nice or Marconi) are just 5 minutes away and you can easily reach Lingotto district and the magnificent Car’s Museum.
Not just Turin though! There is a lot more in the surrounding areas of the city and we are a great starting point for your excursions in the Langhe, the Alps, towards Liguria and why not, to Milan or France.