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“My Turin”

The “My Turin” is the second “provocation” in my posts after “What if the Pincio was in Turin?”, more a joke than the reality of the facts. A continuous comparison with our dear Rome.
Who knows me well between relatives and friends or customers of BNB 83 that I had the pleasure of meeting and hosting here and of course the beautiful people I met here in Turin, they know that I am not from Turin and that I am only “adopted” by the city or so I think I’m, maybe they do not even want me here. 🙂
Instead, I keep writing and affirming almost forcefully the phrase “My Turin” telling you about the feelings that the city gives me at certain moments.
You have to know that to come to work at the BNB I wake up early in the morning and leave on the evening after the last check-in, whether it’s sunny, rainy, snowy or frosty, I get on my scooter and come at the work.
There are moments during the journey home-work or work-home that remind me why I chose, indeed “we chose” with my wife to move here to Turin from Rome.
I like the cold, the dark and cloudy weather, I like to breathe in the morning the mist rising from the streets, the hills or the Po, look around and see a city that has yet to wake up wrapped as said by the haze of the day just begun.
Saturday and Sunday morning without the heavy traffic of weekdays it seems almost to own the city and to breathe the soul of it. Without having to be too careful about cars I can enjoy the ride looking around, looking into the alleys or trying to figure out if the few people around are going to sleep or like me are going to work.
This feeling of beauty or belonging to the city is even stronger in the evening when I come home tired after a day at work and the mind is free to admire how beautiful is all around.
I drive along the Valentino, then Corso Moncalieri and I find the illuminated MoleAntonelliana on the left, the Gran Madre with Monte dei Cappuccini on the right, and then all Corso Casale and the Strada Vecchia to Pino Torinese and all of them almost seem to greet me and say goodnight and goodbye for the next day.
Yesterday it was raining, that fine and constant drizzle that enters in your bones, yet it was not cold and did not bother me and it was wonderful to walk the lighted uphill road to the house and look under the illuminated city that I knew was full of Friday nightlife.
I’m not there to tell you again the beauty of the various squares or monuments of Turin, I told you all this to make you understand that Turin is a city that is still to be discovered in its entirety, a city that in its small (compared to Rome you will understand that It is almost a little town for me – I exaggerated, I know, but the distances are completely different) as I said it is a city that enters you and in some way does not leave you anymore.
I have many clients who come without knowing the city and they leave leaving me the promise to return because they did not expect such a beautiful, elegant and lively city.
Turin has a lot to offer from all points of view and nothing to envy to many other Italian cities much more known and emblazoned.
Turin, the black and white city, is a city that marks your soul and leaves you with an indelible memory in time.
Turin with its monuments, its streets, its cold, its people, has truly become the “My Turin”.