Gabriele 83 Guesthouse a Torino +39 011 5798760 - +39 3914512012 (9:00 - 19:00)

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Piola 1929, great place!

A place that at least I did not expect, the Piola 1929 is located in a fairly modern residential district of Turin and I certainly did not expect such a nice, typical, warm and welcoming environment.

We were there for the “Bollito” evening (boiled meat) and I guarantee everyone that it was a great culinary experience. The food was fantastic, cooked very well and I must say very well calibrated in the flavors (it seems more like a post from Tripadvisor than a post on the BNB 83 ahhaha), abundant quantities and extremely helpful staff.

I would go back there for eating again at the piola just to try the other dishes on the daily menu.

Ok is not very close to the BnB 83, but in my opinion if you spend a few days in Turin and you have freedom of movement, it is really worth to reach up to Corso Umbria and try this restaurant.

Apart from that, I would just congratulate with the restaurant, the food and the staff.