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The Main Museums in Turin

Turin has many fascinating and incredible museums, even if many still think of it as an industrial city and boundlessly linked to the FIAT (FCA Industry).

The Egyptian Museum remains the most visited and most appreciated, second in the world only after the one in Cairo in Egypt, located in Via Accademia delle Scienze no more than 20 minutes walk from the BnB 83 or 5 minutes by tram. Inside a magnificent and vast collection of Egyptian objects, embellished by the new path created by the Agnelli Foundation.

The Cinema Museum in one of the Torinese’s other pearl, located within the Turin Symbol, the Mole Antonelliana, a stone’s throw away from Via Po. This is also easily reached by our guesthouse with tram no. 15 which in 10 minutes brings you near the Mole.
We highly recommend to all those who visit the museum to take the panoramic lift that leads you to the top of the Mole where you will enjoy a wonderful panorama of Turin and the Alps.

The third great museum, at least in my opinion, is the Car Museum, near Lingotto. I recommend this for adults and children, no one will remain indifferent to the beauty of the place and the unique and rare pieces exhibited at the museum.

For lovers of this kind there is the Museum of the Risorgimento within the magnificent Palazzo Carignano near the Egyptian Museum, and the Civic Museum of Ancient Art located inside Palazzo Madama, located just behind the Turin Castle (in reality it is a blend to the medieval structure).

The Royal Armeria located in Piazza Castello is another  magnificent place to visit, which among other does not last long and it is suitable for all those who have little time or maybe have minutes counted before departure. It’s a collection of armors, weapons and much more from around the world. A museum in my opinion not considered, but that will catapult you into another era and another reality!

A museum that left me speechless,  for lovers of the genre, is the Museum of Criminal Anthropology Cesare Lombroso in Via Pietro Giuria 15. It contains exhibits that cover anatomical parts, drawings of interns, bodies of crime and all that can be attributed to a crime.

Also recommended is the GAM in Turin (Civic Gallery of Modern Art), but here there are no fixed installations and therefore I could not recommend a specific show. What I remember is that when I went there I had a lot of fun imagining what might happen in the mind to the artist who performed these works.

Other suggestions can be the Sabauda Gallery, the Agnelli Pinacoteca and the Shroud Museum. There are definitely many other museums, so far I have named

those I remember (and partly I’ve visited), on the internet or on the site of the City or Torino Turismo you will find the complete list.

As for the Palaces and Villas (like Royal Palace, Venaria, etc.), I am referring to a next post.